Random thoughts

dogwithtennisballsThere is a pocket of individuals in the world who are working for an employer and don’t want to be doing that. They have a need for money to pay bills, mortgage, rent, family expenses etc so they exchange their time for money. Some are more engaged with the work they spend their time on than others, making their days more fulfilling than the not so engaged ones.

There are few that are actually good at something else (or are aware of it) beyond the work they perform for their employers.

Some of these employed folk have a dream of one day “doing something for themselves”, more so, not having to go to work for an employer, but earn/obtain the same amount of money (and definitely more), on a monthly basis from their own efforts.

They wish to be able to get up and go about their day, without the pressure of “the man” looking over their shoulder (metaphorically speaking) and making sure he/she is getting the most out of them, for the money given to them.

Some employers, more of the newer tech based startups have a culture of hiring experts to tell them what to do and how to run their businesses. These experts are working for the employer but are extremely confident of their abilities and their worth in the industry, much more than the regular employed person that they become the service offering freelance expert rather than the permanent/contract employee who just shows up and does the time.

These experts are always operating, always functioning. Experts that know their industry and more so what their current and potential clients need them to keep on top of. They are motivated by this and always keep an ear to the ground (staying focussed and prioritising how much attention to put where) that they are always on the ball. It ‘s fantastic to be around these folk, because you can learn so much.

But how do the general employed become the smarter folk who can eventually (because of their movements in the right industry) start selling their services to clients who really want to buy their services.

The industry could be any, the underlying message is becoming the right person.

There is another issue and it’s about knowing what you’re good at or love doing enough of, to become an influencer in that field. The influencer is the top dog and get to this status┬áhim/herself by willingly sharing information about what they do (consistently frequently) and they love what they do.

This is a bit mixed up I know, but there is underlying message which is formulating.

To those who want to become their own boss, you’re not going to set-up with a product selling service with clients overnight. What seems like a sure fire way around this issue (which I got caught out by many times) is to start talking on line about the things you love doing, consistently, frequently, from your angle, your perspective and do that now, today.