If a man looks for rest, he will find boredom, if he looks for work… he will find rest

I heard this on a show called “The Call Centre” by a chap called “Nev Wilshire”.  Nev is a great guy, super sharp and with a larger than life character.  Read on and you will find out why.

Nev Wilshire is real and he runs a call centre in Swansea.  He is a larger than life, quite colourful character.  The BBC decided to make a fly on the wall documentary about his call centre and goings on.

Part of Nev’s many responsibilities is staff management.  In one of the episodes he had to deal with someone who wasn’t pulling their weight and wasn’t particularly engaged with their work.

I forget what the actual context was but it led Nev to quote something that really resonated with me.  I immediately liked Nev more, when said this.  He had lots of integrity anyway but had a ton more, after
I heard this phrase come out of his mouth.  I think this is a quote that his father used to use.


“If a man looks for rest he will find boredom, if he looks for work he will find rest”

This quote is by Dylan Thomas actually, but I heard Nev say it first.

Throughout the year and our working lives, some of us look forward to the holidays we are going to get and can’t see beyond them.  There are those that won’t do much else other than dream of their next break, but not make the run up to that time productive enough and are always bored and complaining that they are in the wrong job, are bored or are frustrated for some reason.  In my view you should be shattered by being so engaged in your work that the holiday you are looking forward to is going to be that extra bit more worth it.

Then there are those who plan for themes amazing holidays, stick them in the calendar, but then see what they need to do in the meantime (the job in front of them) so they become involved and either learn a whole heap of stuff, while the holiday time arrives, or they get absorbed in a piece (or multiple) pieces of work, that they become influential in the piece of work and start controlling it.

I like to think I’m in the latter camp, constantly looking for work opportunities and interesting projects to be involved in.  It’s a personal way of working for me, but I  like to dive in with everything or not dive in at all.

Q – Where do you sit?
Q – Which do you think is a better place to be, to be in control of your finances and opportunities?