Work from anywhere, by running an online business.

So what does that mean?? I hear you ask.

Before we go on, I know that the picture (below) is a very cliché, but let’s dream a little, at least until you finish reading this blog.


Well it’s not a new concept.

It means that you:

  • aim to create an online presence
  • get yourself known as an expert/influencer in a niche that you are an expert
  • identify an issue/problem within your target group
  • work out a way that you can help them, using your expertise
  • then help them

That’s a nice idea and there are already some challenges there. The point is that there are thousands of people doing this already, within many different niches. A large number of them are actively present, online and making an income from various income streams, but they are free to work from any where in the world AND on their terms.

This means:

  • they can work in the location of their dreams (e.g. in a sunny part of the world, with good beaches and lots of daylight….nice!)
  • they work the hours they choose
  • they can choose to work as much or as little as they want
  • as long as they have a computer (laptop/tablet/smart phone) and an internet connection, they can work

This lifestyle can pay mortgages, allow to buy your car/house outright, put your children through university, fund holiday etc, etc.  You get the picture, right?

But there are some caveats:

  • you need to stay active and in peoples faces, their social media news feeds with blogs and videos etc, especially when starting off in this space
  • you need to create and give away an abundance of value for free, with little nuggets of information that help others get over problems they may be having and possibly prompt them to get in touch with you
  • you need to protect your time or charge a significant amount for it
  • you need to create high value information products to sell, with up-sells to create income from many sources and recurring income
  • you will benefit from joint ventures with other service providers that compliment yours and crossover nicely
  • you need to network with others, online 99% of the time, based on posts you create and respond to other peoples posts
  • you need to stay focused on your niche, the problem your demographic has, and your solutions to it
  • people need to know you are real and do exist, so allowing them to meet you is important, at events you run or at mutual events run by others
  • you need to use all your communication techniques to build up rapport, integrity, trust and respect with anyone you intend to help within your niche
  • rapport, integrity, trust and respect are built up over time, so allow for that time

The goal here is to free you up from a world of “being employed”, “having a boss to answer to”, to a point where you can have the best possible quality family life, while easily running an online business with multiple streams of income.

This doesn’t have to turn into a bashing of employers or the employed way of life. It’s about exploring ways of creating additional and multiple streams of income, so you can happily and harmoniously become more in control of your quality of life.

A blog I follow is that of Darren Rowse – Problogger – .  He got in to blogging not for profit, but (in Darren’s words) “on an impulse one afternoon having seen a blog written by a guy on the other side of the world and witnessing how he used it to amplify his voice and grow a community around his ideas”.

Income came for Darren further in his journey, after exploring the various avenues towards creating an income, in this case as a blogger, but one that has explored many niches and written content on each of them.

I find his manner and approach to sharing knowledge and information very palatable and easy to follow.   The blogs are written in a way that gives the impression that “you can do this too” and that there is a proven system to achieving success from it.

What you’re reading now, is a blog.  This is my attempt to do what this post says, following in the foot steps of a proven blogger.

Good luck in your ventures.