Why progress stops!

Why progress stops!

  • Overwhelmed?  too much other stuff to do or if you think there is? Maybe…
  • Losing sight of the target? Maybe…
  • Lack of planning your schedule? Maybe…
  • No quiet time to think (BINGO!!)

It’s not having time to stop and think OR reflect that’s caused a stop in my ability to write blogs about my experience of working smarter and being able to take control of my finances.

It may seem like a complaint or whinge, but I feel as if I’ve had a little too much to do of late, in the past few weeks.

It hasn’t been work stuff, it’s just been stuff, walking the dog, attending family and other social events, (s0me) travelling for work, which has left little or no space during my week to spend time writing about my experience.

But today (a particular Sunday) I find myself with some quiet time.  My wife and kids are out at a relative’s house, which I managed to avoid (thankfully).  I have caught up with everything work related (I did that on Friday), my phone and social media world is quiet or I have been ignoring it somewhat,  and the dog can’t be walked because it’s about 30 degrees c outside.  So all seems under control with my world (right now).

I knew I had been ignoring my blogging targets of at least one video/blog a week, based on my experience of working smarter and becoming more in control of my finances. So this quiet time allowed me to re-connect with my “Why”.

My “Why” is “I believe that everyone should comfortably be able to take part in work related activities and have a fully engaged personal (family/social) life without feeling stressed by either of these two spaces.  These spaces and the people that operate in them should work in harmony.  Everyone in these spaces should be 100% responsible for their destiny and options and also understand that people in work will not try to slack off if they are treated as responsible folk.

This quiet time prompted a few topics for blogs which have given me something to write about and for others to read and hopefully learn from.

I don’t get enough quiet time to myself, just to “do nothing”, but I often forget I need it.  Quiet time to myself is one thing that brings my brain back to an equilibrium (feeling centred).

If I feel a little stressed then there’s usually too much noise, which needs shutting off, or turning down.



My Why (Short and Sweet).


I believe that every individual should feel “FREE” from pressure/stress to live their personal/family lives, fully engaged and happily, in harmony with their work activities. In summary, have a fulfilling quality flexible personal life, alongside an engaged and fulfilling flexible work life.

Any working person should be able to work as flexibly as required, whether employed or running their own business, around their personal/family lives.

The concept of “What is your why? came from a chap called “Simon Sinek“. See this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPYeCltXpxw&t=47s

See my video at – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT9EEzhKIW8 about my why.

It took me ages to work out my why. And when it came to me, it was like a explosion went off in my head…something popped! I felt kind of free when I worked it out.

It was a really important point to get this bit done and if you’re reading this, I’m going to take a stab that it will be for you too.

Let me know your thoughts.

Q – Need help with your why?

Q – What is your why?